A bass-based blend of East Coast and West Coast vibes, [Clever Alias] sets stay true to his dancefloor-as-church mindset, gritty city up-climb, multicultural heritage, love of music and lust for life.

[Clever Alias] is an open format, underground music selector / DJ. He is from New York City and called Northern California home for almost a dozen years. He adds value, in a unique way. He is from the dance floor, so he plays for the dance floor. [Clever Alias] blends styles and genres, and vibes with the present moment or intention. Since the Soundcloud debut of his first DJ mix in 2011, [Clever Alias] has deejayed at parties, gatherings, festivals and shows in New York City, San Francisco, Oakland, Nevada City, Austin, Maui, Big Island, Santa Barbara, Miami and Los Angeles. He founded Ecstatic Dance NYC in 2012, and deejayed Ecstatic Dance and Conscious Dance events frequently in communities all over the US, until 2017.

[Clever Alias] grew up in a multi-cultural family of musicians and music lovers in New York City. His mother raised him to enjoy dancing and to appreciate music of all types. His father was one of the original members of the Puerto Rican salsa group Orquesta Zodiac, and they shared a love of playing, composing and collecting great music.

Raised in Queens, Brooklyn and Downtown Manhattan, [Clever Alias] was exposed to many genres of music and the cultures that advanced them. Hip Hop, House, New Wave, Punk, Salsa and Dancehall were some of his early favorites – and experiencing them firsthand at legendary nightclubs and block parties very much shaped his taste and style of dance floor stewardship.

Dance was his first love and you could find him on the dance floor all night. In high school, he started developing and distributing his own mix tapes to share his favorite music. After college, he started DJing eclectic sets at parties and underground venues when he was too tired to keep dancing. He later worked as an Audio Post Production Engineer and Sound Designer in New York – a career decision that he credits as his first experience of audible bliss.

Inspired by Zulu Nation and Afrika Bambaataa’s contributions to community building and culture jamming, [Clever Alias] believes in the power of dancing and dance music to bring people together to grow together. With a little bit of “heart magic” and a “dancefloor as church” mindset, [Clever Alias] used music to have an improvised, impactful conversation with dancers.

Originally designed as a Soundcloud channel for mixes and reposts, the [Clever Alias] project was intended to raise awareness of underground music. In 2012, [Clever Alias] mixes created a buzz and he was invited to play live sets. [Clever Alias] quickly rose the ranks as a popular, dependable and busy DJ in the Conscious Dance, Bass Music and NorCal Festival communities. He toured frequently, and has shared dancefloor instigation duties with legends and New Skool luminaries such as Francois K, Mad Zach, FreqNasty, An-Ten-Nae, ChrisB, Mikhal, Smasheltooth, Little John, Kalya Scintilla, The Human Experience, Mr Rogers, Thornato, Nickodemus, and more. [Clever Alias] also played memorable sets at Enchanted Forest Gatherings, Symbiosis Events and Once Upon a Festival.

One of the most sought-after DJ’s in the Conscious Dance community, [Clever Alias] was part of the Ecstatic Dance Oakland crew from 2009-2012. In 2012 he founded Ecstatic Dance NYC, which he directed and advised until 2016. He was a resident DJ for the Oakland and Nevada City Ecstatic Dance communities, visiting them, and others, with fresh takes on a familiar concept. Big Island, Hawaii, was his favorite community to play music for. Cielo, in NYC, is still his favorite venue to play music in.

In 2016, [Clever Alias] hosted and curated a weekly music program on RWD.FM. His Soundcloud and Mixcloud feature his most popular live sets, and continue to serve as a soundtrack to many days and nights for many people.

In 2017, Daniel (aka [Clever Alias]) took a break from the [Clever Alias] project. After much consideration, he quietly retired his brackets, in 2018. Grateful for his incredible experiences lived through this project, he hopes his impact on people was positive. Back to basics, he is falling back in love with music, dancing and other slivers of his life. It’s good to do different things.