Enchanted Forest 2015 Lineup Announced


Enchanted Forest lineup has been released!! It sells out each year, so be sure to scoop up your ticket if you want to join us.  Honored and flattered to be on the same flyer as these peeps. Thank you to the EF team for putting me on and helping me share [Clever Alias] vibes this year!! Here’s a maybe-long-winded share about why this one means a lot to me…

Last year, I unofficially played a set at the Nectar Temple during this festival. I said to my homie, Omie, “Next year, I’ll be on the flyer.” At the time, I was known solely as an Ecstatic Dance DJ, which made my goal of being booked alongside producers and big-name DJ’s a presumable challenge. I even got some harsh “not gonna happen” advice from some olde tymers in the scene. I put in my work and my time, expanded my repertoire and reputation, and, well, here I am…on my second festival flyer this season, the festival that inspired me to make moves this year.

THANK YOU, to all my friends and fans, for letting me bend your ears and help you move your bodies, advocating for me, putting me on, giving me chances to crush when it matters, requesting me for your birthdays and private gatherings, and for adding me to the “Who do you want to play at ___ festival this year?” conversations here on Facebook.

I wanted to be a DJ for our community because I am a passionate dancer who likes to share music with other dancers, from my curated collection of choons. Since emerging in 2012, I’ve lived an experience as both a DJ and a person that I didn’t even think to predict or actively call in. All that said, the [Clever Alias] project is as much a WE thing as it is a ME thing, and I promise to keep it fresh and thoughtful for us.

Catch me doing it all official, pushing that good air through those big tops and juicy bottoms, at the Nectar Temple, Aug 14-16, at Enchanted Forest, this year.

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