New Website!


Hey Hey!

Thanks for all your support, listens and bookings since 2012. I started this project as a Soundcloud channel to help share and shine light on the music that I was listening to and enjoying. Fast forward four years, and I’ve played so many sets live, and been able to visit dance floors and dance communities in so many fun places. You’re the reason I get to do that, and I’m both grateful for and humbled by your enrollment in #bracketlife.

As many of you already know or might have already noticed, Soundcloud and Sony shut down my original Soundcloud account. In one click of their button, I lost touch with so many friends, fans and supporters. In that same click of that same button, so many people who rinsed my uploads all these years lost access to their favorite mixes and sets. All my stats (which help me get booked) disappeared too. And I’ve been wary of uploading any sets to my new channel, even though only a handful of people have found it and followed it, so far. I’ve lost faith in Soundcloud as a platform for sharing, and I’m still waiting for Mixcloud to catch on as the new standard-bearer. In the meantime, I’ve been wanting to host my own archive of the creative work I’ve done, as [Clever Alias].

My solution to this quandry took a minute to integrate, but I am glad to share with you all the mixes and sets I’ve uploaded to my Soundcloud and Mixcloud, since 2012. I’ve included as many track lists as I could dig up (I lost many of them in both a software crash and the Soundcloud account deletion). This project, like my DJ-ness, is and will always be about sharing music I love. I hope you’ll continue to rinse and share your favorites, listen to my lil radio show on RWD.FM, and invite me to play for you live.

In addition, I’ll use this website to shine more detailed information about music – reviews, etc – and about my upcoming adventures and happenings.

Thanks for tuning in, and for giving me the proper listens you do. Keep It Locked.

[ ❤ ]

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